VIETNAM CYBERTECH CO., LTD was established in 2010. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of importable products CNC MACHINE TOOLS in Vietnam market.

After only a few years of operation, we’re proud of the reputation for quality products as well as the ability to meet and to satisfy the needs of all potential customers. Thanks suppliers for the support throughout the world during the whole time, especially from DOOSAN INFRACORE MACHINE TOOLS (KOREA) has over 35 years of manufacturing experience in growing into a global leader on the basis of constant technology investment and innovation, especially excellent products:

 Multi-axis turning centers:
Puma TT1500/1800, Puma TT2000/2500, Puma TL2000, Puma TL2500.
 Multi-Tasking Turning Centers:
Puma MX2100, Puma MX2600, Puma MX3100.
 Vertical Turning Centers:
Puma V400, Puma V550, Puma VT450, Puma VT750, Puma VT900 …Etc.
 Horizontal Turning Centers:
Lyxn 210, Lyxn 220, Lyxn 300, Puma 240, Puma 480, Puma 300,Puma 2100, Puma 2600..Etc.
 Vertical Machining Centers:
DT400, DT400/40, DT 360D, DNM400a/500a, DNM400/ 400HS, DNM500/500HS, DNM600/650P, Myxn 5400, Myxn 5400/50, Myxn 6500, Myxn6500/50...
Column Moving& Dual Pallet: VC 430, VC 510. 5-axis: DNM350/5AX, NX 500/5AX, VC 630/5AX.
Die&Mold: VM5400/6500, VM 750/750L, VM 960/960L, DVM 500II/650II..
 Horizontal Machining Centers
High Speed HC400, HC 500, HP 4000, HP 5100, HP 5500, HP 6300… Heavy Duty HM 5000, HM 6300, HM8000….
 Double Column machining centers:
BM 2740P, DCM 2740/2750…
 Horizontal Boring Mills:
DBC 110/110S/ DBC 130L-II, DBC 130LII/DBC 130P II...
 Wire-Cut EDMs machines: 
NW 370/ NW 570, NW 800/NW 1100...

Besides, our company has post sales service for customers with following service: maintenance service, 24/24 repair, linking for fianancial leasing, deferred payment of a period to 180days, design consultant & product selection are reasonable according to customer's request.

We always offer our customers the best support as offering a wide range of the most advanced technology products, low-cost products with superior technical attributes. In addition, Vietnam Cybertech has built competent staffs who are qualified and experienced in technology to be able to give advices, fix errors, and provide the best services.

Vietnam Cybertech commits to qualify customers’ life qualified products. The best warranty service ever and be well aware of customers’s satisfaction are our priority.