DOOSAN Infracore Machine Tools  started with the Changwon factory in 1976. Then entered into the global market in 1981 and providing superior quality, technology, and products to customers all around the globe. Doosan is strives continously to lead the industry and is on a path to become the “ Global Top Brand”.

Beginning in1981, we pioneered the global market and achieved high-growth by reaching production of 10,000 units in 1990 and surpassing aggregate production of 50,000 units in 2000.

By integrating the separate machine tools businesses of Doosan Infracore and Doosan Mecatec in 2007, we have not only increased our competitiveness in the global machine tools industry but have laid the foundation to become the Global Leader.

The Machine Tools business Group strengthens its position as global market through operations innovation and new product development that boosts sales and increases customer satisfaction.
Moreover, Doosan Infracore Machine Tools is expanding its sales by executing customer and product diversification strategies in individual industries and countries and by expanding product line-ups that meet the market requirements. Our customer satisfaction maximization strategy (including the operations innovation initiatives) will also provide the foundation for continued growth.

It is our vision to break into the ‘Global Top 3 in Metal Cutting’ through such initiatives.