Product code: S000033
Manufacturer : Doosan
Place to sell : N/A

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High-speed & high-precision double column machining center for large-sized PDP/LCD/LED components and Aluminum thin plate.
By its’ highly rigid structure, acceleration/deceleration , feederate is enhanced for the best performance.
High efficiency to reduce utility expense and to be echo-friendly.


Description Unit BMP2740
Travel X-axis travel(Table Longitudinal) mm 4000
Y-axis travel(Spindle Head cross) mm 2700
Z-axis travel(Ram Vertical) mm 500
Effective width between column mm 2740
Table to spindle nose mm 80~580
Table Table size (Width x Length) mm x mm 4000 x 2500
Max. load weight kg 3000
ATC Tool storage capacity ea 30 [40]
Tool diemeter mm 85/125
Tool length mm 300
Tool weight kgf 8
Spindle head Max. spindel speed r/min 12000
Feedrate Rapid traverse X/Y/Z m/min 16/20/36
Max. cutting feedrate X/Y/Z mm/min 10000

Optional Featrures

  • 3-dimensional coordinate conversion
  • 3-dimensional tool compensation
  • Addition of tool pairs for tool life management (1024pairs)
  • AICC II (80 block preview)
  • Data server with1GB PCMCIA card
  • Automatic corner override (G62)
  • Additional work coordinate system G54.1 P1 - 300 (300 pairs )
  • Dynamic graphic display (Machining profile drawing) -When EZ Guide i is used, the Dynamic graphic display cannot application)
  • Exponential interpolation
  • Interpolation type pitch error compensation
  • EZ Guide i (Doosan infracore Conversational Programming Solution) with 10.4 inch Color TFT -When the EZ Guide i is used, the Dynamic graphic display cannot application
  • High speed skip function
  • Involute interpolation G02.2, G03.2
  • No. of Registered programs 1000ea
  • Number of tool offsets 99/200/400ea
  • Optional block skip Addition 9blocks
  • Part program storage 512KB/1MB/2MB
  • Polar coordinate command G15 / G16
  • Polar coordinate interpolation G12.1 / G13.1
  • Programmable mirror image G50.1 / G51.1
  • Single direction positioning G60
  • Tool load monitoring function(Doosan)
  • Tool position offset G45 - G48