[ New Product ] Mynx 9500


High-Rigidity & High-Productivity Vertical Machining Center Designed For Heavy Duty Machining Of Large Workpieces

The Mynx 9500 is a vertical-type machining center designed for processing large parts with high durability and accuracy. Its highly rigid structure, impressively high power / torque gear-driven spindle ensure even higher productivity.

The arch-type C-frame machine structure delivers a highly stable machine structure and achieves an optimum level of accuracy. The machining performance is further supported by the application of extremely stiff box guideways to all its axes. The high-torque gearbox-type 50 taper spindle has a maximum speed of 6000 r/min, and is suitable for machining large workpieces in steel and cast materials, such as axle housings. An optional built-in spindle with a top speed of 10000 r/min enables flexible processing of various parts. The product’s travel distances of 2500mm(98.4 inch) (X), 950mm(37.4 inch) (Y), and 850mm(33.5 inch) (Z) provide the largest machining area in its class.

High-Rigidity Machine Structure

The arch-type C-frame machine structure supports heavy duty cutting with minimal deformation, as well as offering powerful cutting capacity and continuous accuracy. The design of the major structural components of the machine including the bed and column have been optimized with the FEM (Finite Element Method) to deliver excellent anti-vibration and long-term durability based on superior structural stiffness.
The Y axis is equipped with four rows of box guideways to minimize deformation and increase the accuracy of table feed, as well as ensuring stable support with extended slide surfaces, equalising pressure on the slide surfaces, and absorbing vibration and impact from heavy duty cuttings.

High-Productivity Spindle

The spindle, as the 'heart' of the machining center, supports high-torque, stable heavy-duty cutting using a high-performance gear driven system. An automatic two-speed gear shift provides excellent performance in heavy-duty cutting in the lower speed range. A semi-permanent grease lubrication system has been adopted for the spindle bearings, while the bearing housing and gear driving part - the main source of heat generation - are equipped with a jacket-circulation cooling system to extend the service life of the spindle and maintain stable accuracy by minimizing heat deformation. A built-in spindle with a maximum speed of 10000 r/min is also available as an option for applications where high-speed machining is required. The spindle enables high-quality machining with minimal vibration and noise.
The dual-contact tool system has been applied to both types of spindles as a standard feature to minimize tool vibration and damage, thus extending tool service life and preventing error in the Z-axis during high- speed operation.

Wider Machine Working Area

Travel distances of 2500mm(98.4 inch) (X), 950mm(37.4 inch) (Y), and 850mm(33.5 inch) (Z) and maximum table capacity of 3.5tons enable the machining of large heavy parts. In addition, the long travel distance on the X axis allows the use of an additional 4th axis rotary table for the machining of long-shaft-type parts.
The machine includes a fully enclosed splashguard structure, but still maintains overhead clearance for easy access to load large parts.


Specification of the machine such as type, unit, std. chuck size, max. turning diameter, max. turning length, spindle speed, motor output, machine dimension etc.
Classification Unit Mynx 9500
Travel distance mm 2500 / 950 / 850
Table size mm 2500 x 950
Loading capacity kg 3500
Max. spindle speed r/min 6000 {10000}*
Tool specification - ISO #50, 7/24 TAPER
Motor power kW 22 / 18.5 {30 / 25}*
Tool storage capacity ea 30 {40}*
NC system - DOOSAN-FANUC i


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