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Injection Molding Machinery

HG-V Series

• Environment-friendly Hydraulic system design • Saving management & lifetime cost • Shorten cycle-time & low noise

EDIA Series

• Saving electrical power consumption by 30-70% compared to conventional piston pump • Adopting of high performance variable displacement pump, it realizes much more output capacity than that of conventional piston by 15-25% • Keeping low-temperature and high purified hydraulic oil ensure longer lifetime of oil and saving the cost and enable longer life of sealed parts and hydraulic system • Only need of cooling water is 40-60% lower than that of conventional piston pump • Compact and optimum hydraulic system design for more stable and peaceful operation


• Attainment high clamping speed with 5 point double toggle, which can compete against the election motion system • Attainment precise clamping force adjustment through the electric motor and ring gear • Set up ACC charging pump unit for high cycle (optional) • Application of ejecting during clamp opening for high cycle (optional)

SPE mb Series

• Standard adoption with anti-abrasion screw and barrel • Compact and clean design • Closed Loop System for precise molding by B.R.K (Bosch & Rexroth) & B.R.K (Bosch & Rexroth) Servo Valve (optional) • Strengthen clients competitiveness and reduced prime cost with modular design

SPE DL Series

• Customized design of ultra large injection molding machine to answer the client`s purpose • Adopted 2-Platens for Direct-Locking type with Heavy-duty platens • Realized High Cycle system through optimum design • Reduced floor space and machine weight

SPE Series

• Rigid and stable clamping and injection mechanism • Response and excellent repeatability • Stable and exact movement with accurated sensors • Equipped with hydraulic core puller circuit (1 step) as a standard part • Standardized the options which used very often such as lubrication device and several control functions


• High rigidity clamping system ensure accuracy and rigidity of the machine • By 5-point toggle clamping structure, High speed opening and closing • Set up ACC charging pump unit for high cycle (optional) • Application of ejecting during clamp opening for high cycle (optional)

EDIS mb Series

• High Speed Control Performance • High Speed & Precision Control by Servo Motor System • Mobile Injection Machine`s Options Standardized • Precise control of maximum injection pressure

EDIS DL Series

2-Platen clamping mechanism reduces the floor space sharply through the new compact design of mechanical lock-type comparing with the conventional mechanism As design of multi clamping mechanism has half nut and seperate clamp cylinder on each 4 tie bars, mold and plate deformation is minimized compare to the single boost type and more safety clamp-lock system Developing heavy durable platens through the 3-D FEA design Strong clamping force leads high-speed & high-pressure injection. By separating clamp cylinder and platen transfer cylinder, generate more faster clamping close Realize the high-cycle through reduction of boost time with selecting multi clamping system Space saving more than 20% compare to the conventional hydraulic machine

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