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● One machine work as two machines by using angular head
● Various function by changing arbors. 
● Keep high rigidity,Steel guide housing

CPM-ChamPion Milling Chuck

● Economical milling chuck for machine tools users
●Perfect sealing structure by O-Ring between nut and body secure long tool life by protecting lubricant, dust and sludge
● Adjustable the length by screw

DHE-Hydraulic Expansion Chuck

● Optimized machining for mold, automotive parts and precision parts
● Consistent accuracy and clamping force Keep high durability for a long time
● Stable machining at high RPM without changing clamping force.

DHE SET-Hydraulic Expansion Chuck Set

● Competitive advantage for cost and performance
● Compact Composition
● Exclusive hydraulic chuck set by Dine Inc

DSC-Shinking Chuck

● Compact Design Shrinking Chuck for Ultra High Speed and high precision
● Enhanced tool life by special heat treatment
● Various models(HSK type, BT type, SK type) Minimized cutting tool overhang

DTN-New Type Tapping Holder

● Convertible Tap Adapter by one touch
● Stable tapping at High speed machining Easy and quick cutting tool change
● Tension compression Tapping Holder is equipped with floating type to axis direction.

FBC-Balance Cut Tool for Finish Boring

● Wide boring range - Ø130 ~ Ø540mm.
● Stable structure to cutting load
● Roughing and finishing boring by cahning by chainging cartridge set

HFMC-Hydraulic Face Mill Arbor

● Increase the concentricity on Body and Cutter
● Suitable for high accuracy and speed machining through increasing the accuracy

HPS-R -High Speed Collet Chuck

● Reinforced type for high performance
● Improved 600% in working surface compared to HPS
● Multi-purpose application of drilling, endmilling and tapping etc

MODULAR-Modular System

● Versatile tooling system for FMS(???) specification.
● Great accuracy and hardness.
● Flexible combination of tool units according to subject conditions

NPM-New Power Milling Chuck(Heavy Duty)

● Enhanced Durability for medium roughing by Powerful Clamping Prevent minute dust.
● Required average 2.5 rotations for clamping/unclamping
● Powerful clamping force even at 3mm(I.D) from chuck nose.

TBC-Balance Cut Tool for Rough Boring

● Wide boring range : ø130 ~ø540mm
● Stable structure for cutting load
● Roughing and finishing boring by cahning by chainging cartridge set




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