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Turning Centers


Standard Scroll Chuck (Soft and Hard top Jaws)


Large vertical turning center with ram head spindle


The PUMA SMX3100 multi-task milling/turning center, is designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High speed tool change, combined with fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time. C-axis contouring, Y-axis off-center and B-axis any-angle milling/drilling allow for single set-up completion of highly complex workpieces. Multi-tasking capabilities increase productivity and provide for just-in-time production requirements by reducing lead time, changeover time, set-up time, and time between operations.

PUMA HT, QL Series

Two Spindle, 4-axes Turning Center Realizes Twice the Productivity

PUMA TW Series

The 10inch class PUMA TW2600 Series turning center is a next-generation standard, 2-spindle automation machine tool providing the users with even higher level of satisfaction with excellent productivity and accuracy.

PUMA V8300

High Productivity Vertical Turning Center features Larger Work Zone - Large work zone max. turning diameter of Ø 830mm in 15 inch class - 60Hp (45kW) high-power spindle motor (optional feature) for improved machining performance - Highly reliable servo-driven turret that maintains highest level of accuracy and reliability during long periods of operation - Slant-type base and improved flushing function for enhanced chip disposal and ergonomic OP Panel design with adjustable height

LYNX 2100/L

6~8ʺ High-performance Compact Turning Center - High-precision heavy duty cutting enabled via high-speed, high-power spindles - Shorter turning time enabled via the servo turret indexing motor and the high-rigidity roller-type LM guide - User convenience improved via an ergonomic control panel, USB ports and control panel rotation - Manufacturing of diverse pieces with complex structures via the added Y-axis; shorter turning time


provides optimum durability by including box guideway construction to all linear axes. The large diameter cross taper roller bearing used in the spindle construction provides high rigidity and accuracy for heavy duty machining applications


Provides extended durability and stable accuracy by implementing a large diameter cross roller bearing for the spindle and box guideways for the linear axes.

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