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cBN Product information

Hãng sản xuất : Dine
Địa điểm bán : N/A

Đánh giá : 0 điểm

DNC100-Coated cBN

● Wear resistance enhancement in high speed cutting test
● Thin film with hard hardness, oxidation resistance and chipping resistance
● cBN basic material with BN particle shape and high toughness


DNC250-Coating cBN

● Excellent performance in tool life for high speed, continuous cutting ~ low interrupted cutting
● New concept of PVD coated applied Hard material and lubricating thin film Wear resistance enhancement

DNC350-Coating cBN

DNC400-Solid type coated cBN

● Continuous and interrupted cutting for heat treatment steel
● Excellent tool-life by coating
● Wide-use solid type cBN



KB400-Solid type cBN





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